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Sounds Autistic

About Sounds Autistic:

The Sounds Autistic I'm In is a private Facebook group for autistic adults that are 18+ only. They welcome all who believe they are or may be autistic, a medical diagnosis is not required.

Sounds Autistic Overview

Sounds Autistic I'm In has over 10 thousand members. Users can post to the group and expect to get great feedback and information. Some of the posting rules include:
  • No promoting the medical model - No person first language, no functioning labels, no pathologising of traits, no support of neurotypical charities, no defending the Asperger’s label, no promoting ABA.
  • No punching down, minority voices come first - If you are in a position of power or privilege, do not try and speak over those with less, just as neurotypicals should not speak over autistics, majority autistic do not get a louder voice.
  • Respect the privacy of the group - No screenshots can be shared outside of the group, no member can be exposed as a member, nothing from inside the group should be shared or discussed outside of the group.
  • Accessibility is a must - If you are asked to add image descriptions, or to remove inaccessible backgrounds, you are required to do so. Modmins will write descriptions for you to add where possible.

Sounds Autistic I'm in Facebook Group