About Autism-101

Hi, I’m Jeff Owens, an Autistic person that is passionate about helping those who are newly diagnosed or self-identified as Autistic and those who think they might be. I built this website to help Autistic people connect with each other, and to learn more about Autism.

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Autistic people just want to be treated with respect like everyone else.

Jeff Owens

Jeff Owens


Who am I?

I discovered I was Autistic in late 2021 quite by accident. I took the online Autism Quotient (AQ) test and scored really high. At that point I was confused and I really didn’t know what I should do. That experience is why I created this website.

My mission

I hope to inspire other Autistic people to live their best lives in a healthy and informed manner and to make connections with other Autistic people from around the world.