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Autistic Adults

About Autistic Adults:

Autistic Adults is a Facebook group that is for autistic adults that would like help and support to deal with anxiety, depression, and other emotional support. It is a friendly group aimed at helping each other, sharing tips and tricks, or just venting about feelings. They are inclusive of all people.

Autistic Adults Overview

Autistic Adults has over 8 thousand members. Every person is welcome here no matter their religion, political views, colour of their skin, gender, or lifestyle choice. They accept all ASD adults. They accept self-diagnosis and professional diagnosis. Denial of the validity of a person's form of diagnosis will result in a ban.

Some of the posting rules include:

  • No mention of functioning labels–High or Low Functioning Autistic–are permitted in this group. Autism is a spectrum and Functioning Labels are not an accurate reflection of this and are harmful to the community.
  • Aspergers has been removed from most medical diagnostic systems, and the condition has been rolled into Autism Spectrum Disorder. It also carries significant negative implications. As a result, the use of the term is also not permitted. No using things like A$perg*rs to dodge this.
  • Add… (TW) ([Topic of trigger]) . . . …to the beginning of any post that is likely to cause distress to others.
  • No selling or advertising.

Autistic Adults - emotional support